Yay for going back to Gor.  Well, sort of, when I have time.  Gor was where I first started RPing on SL, which was about 8 years ago, and while sometimes it annoys the hell out of me (onlinisms and boring characters) it's still a comfort zone thing.

Also, I 'found' this skin in my inventory that I'd bought earlier in the month, and probably from an event, but unfortunately I'm not sure which one.  However, I know Steffi has the line out at the store.  There's a few skin makers that I absolutely love, and some that I really wish would make more appliers, especially for the various bodies available. Fortunately, Deetalez has an applier out for pretty much everything and her skins are so realistic.


Skin:  Deetalez -Kimber freckles celtic
Hair:   Tableau Vivant - Lucrezia Hair (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Dress:  Peqe - Tear of Lys
Belt: DRD - GOT belt
Scarf: Mandala - Legendary (@ TMD)
Modesty Shirt:  Arwen's Creations - Lirimaer undershirt
Veil:  Bina - Marjanah veil
Headpiece: The Lounge - Cluaran na Eilean


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