Time to Fall

Fall is finally here!  The air is crisp, there's plenty of fall festivals to go to, and halloween is just around the corner.  Since I've been so inspired by all the great things going on in the real world, I wanted to translate that to Second Life, and I am finally starting to catch up on the months events, especially the Seasons Story and Kustom9, which are both celebrating their anniversaries.  There's a lot of really great gifts available at The Season's story, so be sure to keep your eyes out for those boxes.

I bought my dress on impulse, which I should probably never do.  I think the dress is really nice, and I love the little corset-however- the sleeves are not rigged properly, and the backs of my arms cut through the hem, which makes it unusable outside of photos.  I really do hope that the creator might make a fix for this, as the rest of it is quite adorable, and I'd love to wear it.  My boots are fantastic, rigged mesh and with add-on socks in 4 colors.  I don't have the best of luck with boots in SL, whether it be because my pants glitch, or they have to be resized to fit (I am lazy and hate resizing stuff) or whatever.  These were a great buy though, and I am certain I'll be using them quite often this season.

ieQED made these 'Where the Wild Things Are' inspired dolls and I couldn't be happier.  I loved that book, and the movie, and now I have my own little monsters to hold.  And last but not least, I have (another) new skin.  It's been a while since I bought a Pink Fuel skin, but when I saw the 4 that are at Genre, I couldn't resist snagging one.  Mochi's skins had always been super easy to work with, shapes, makeup and whatnot, and more recently they have been coming with a ton of extras, and the androgynous skins are no different. 


Skin:  Pink Fuel - Ashley (@ Genre)
Hair:  Truth - Neria (@ Mystic Realms Faire)
Dress: Bonne Chance - Emily Romantic Corset Dress(@ The Seasons Story)
Boots: ILO - Trooper Boots (@ The Seasons Story)

Monster Dolls by ieQED , available at Kustom9.
Water pump (@ Kustom9), chair and stool by Apple Fall.
Lanterns by Fetch.
Candied Apples is a free gift from Poche (@ The Seasons Story)
Cart (rare gatcha) is by Oyasumi (@ The Seasons Story)
Pumpkins by Soy (Group gift).
Barrels by Rowenwood.

Leaf Pose by Kirin Poses (@ The Seasons Story)


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