Mystic Realms Faire Preview

Mystic Realms Faire will begin on the 10th, so I want to do a few preview posts for some of the items that will be available exclusively during the Faire.

First, I just want to share my excitement about how many home and garden designers are participating.  There is sooooo many great things!  Kalopsia has available a stone arch set available that's pictured below with 'flying' leaves that add a lot of depth to the environment, whether it be for role play or just for fun.

G-Field is present with an amazingly detailed dress.  It's been a long time since I've had G-Field on my radar, back when they made some great prim shoes, I used to shop there all the time.  So, it wasn't hard to fall head over heels when I saw this dress.  How many times have we struggled to wear belts only to have them glitch when we move?  Or fit a corset to a shirt?  Layering mesh is a pain sometimes (most of the time).The dress is all one piece, but I was able to easily fit Senzafine's Elvensmith leggings underneath.  The leggings are one of those items that will become a mainstay in my RP wardrobe, they fit under mesh (no butt sticking though-yay!), and are very fitted, so I imagine that I'll be able to use them with some boots, though I haven't tried yet.  DRD has some bracers available that I really liked as well.  With so many styles of bracer available already, an item really has to be perfect to blow me away.  With these, you have subtle shading, complex mesh without risking taking the attention away from your outfit.  There's no painted on textures, and everything is so crisp and clean.

My jewelry set is by Eclectica, and will also be an exclusive item at the Faire.  The Enchantment set is color change for the stones and the metal and is refreshingly interesting without being overly complex of gaudy looking-just perfect for my look today.  Exile has a couple ladies (and one male) hair available, and predictably, I snatched them up.Royal Command also come with a tiara, which is not pictured.

The photos were taken on my homestead, which will have the home and garden items rezzed for the month, as I get my autumn theme going on.  If you are interested in using it for your own photos, you're more than welcome to come over.



Skin: Deetalez -Anka Brows 2 Mediterranean
Hair: Exile - Royal Command  (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)
Dress:  G-Field - Elwyn outfit  (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)
Leggings:  Senzafine - Mirdain Elvensmith leggings  (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)
Bracers: DRD - Medieval bracer Brown  (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)
Jewelry: Eclectica - Enchantment Mountain Rock   (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)

Stone arches by Kalopsia.  (@ Mystic Realms Faire-starts Oct 10Th)
Pose by Musa.


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