Candy Fair Preview

Candy Fair 2014 is starting tomorrow!  There are a lot of great stuff available, especially furniture and decor items.  Candy Fair is on 2 sims, and will run from October 4th (12am SLT) until October 17th, so you only have a short time to grab all the yummy exclusives from the grid's top designers.  So why not make a little candy shop like I did to house all your goodies?

Alouette has made a great shop setup, with shelves, counters, and some cute stools and chairs that are texture change.  Not only do these work well in a candy shop, but they also would be great with gatcha shops, houses (Who doesn't need a nice place to show off all their trinkets?) and anything else you can cram a shelf into.  They also made the candy jars in a myriad of colors and shapes, which add instant interest.

As far as the pretty mesh cakes, candy and all the other treats, Paper Flowers has a huge selection of them available.  Their Bake Sale set (the stall is not pictured here) has so many small bits, all of which are well done.  I especially like her Celebration Cake gatcha prizes.

Myrrine also has a great selection of themed furniture, including this cafe set in various colors, with the table top tea and macaroon set included.  Fetch is present with lots of wall decor, including plenty of neon lighting and an adorable Sweet marquee sign.

There's certainly a lot to take in, but please do stop by Axix's booth to check out the cupcake chairs, complete with a cherry on top.  Hopscotch has a cotton candy machine in three perfect pastel colors for your sugar cravings. 

Credits (For Candy Fair items only):

Alouette: Shelves, counters, stools, candy RX box and glass candy jars
Paper Flowers: Cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, etc- part of the Bake Sale Set
Myrrine: Bistro table sets with decor items
Axix: Cupcake chairs 
Fetch: Ice cream sign, Sweets marquee, and the lollypop neon sign
Hopscotch: Cotton Candy Machine
8f8: Jar of blackberry candy


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