The Golden Sun

It's the beginning of a new month, and a lot of great events are getting ready to open. 

I am still catching up with a couple events, including the Fantasy Collective, which just recently opened.  The Skinnery released a new skin that is absolutely lovely there, called Zuri.  I'm also showing a couple of home stuff from August's C88, if you haven't yet shopped, do so soon!  My dress is going to be at this month's We <3 RP, and is by Adele Bumblefoot.  I love how simple the dress is, you can really make it the foundation to some great outfits.  I also have on some new shoes by The Lounge, which will also be at We <3 RP, which opens soon, on the 4th.


Skin:  The Skinnery - Zuri champagne  (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Eyes: Buzzeri - Voodoo Drought (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Hair:  Truth - Mayim
Dress:  Stitched - Allyria Golden  (@ We <3 RP)
Shoes:  The Lounge - Cluaran na Eilean  (@ We <3 RP)
Bracelet:  Ison - Safari Tribe
Necklace:  Modern Couture - Noya necklace gold
System layers: Ison - silk bralette, Zaara - Naina distressed shrug gold

Furniture: Mudhoney, Consignment, The Loft (@ C88)


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