Matlalihuitl means blue-green feather in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.  It's also one of the most endangered languages in the world.

I'm in a very thankful mood today.  I know a lot of events are starting in SL, and a lot of folks will be updating their feeds with that, but I just wanted to deviate a moment to express my sympathy for those affected by the weather recently.  With the tornados, and flooding, it just feels like this year might have some real chaotic events concerning Mother Nature.  I took a long walk wih my husband today to look at some of the affected homes in our flood prone neighborhood. Sometimes, it's not even the loss of life; but the overwhelming feeling of loss that lingers in the air afterwards.  I was one of those that sighed with relief, since it wasn't our house.  But a few blocks down, it was someone else's grief, it was their house flooded, yet again.  Sure, you can rebuild.  But you never feel safe, and there's some things that money can't buy replacements for.  So, my message today is to be grateful for what you have, even if it's not much. 


 Skin:  Glam Affair - Elvi - Fairy 05
Hair:   Ploom - Chance (*New* @ main store)
Eyes:  Ibanez - Luminous Eyes - Memphis Steel

Makeup Layers:  Nuuna Obe Blue (@Cosmetics Fair)
                            Mock - Micare LipGlimmer - Hypoxia
                            Mons - Wildlight eyeshadow - navy

Lashes: Mon Cherie - Falsies

Tattoo: White Widow - Skyfall
Blood:  Corvus - Murder (face only)
             [TC]Toxic cupcakey - Bloody Hell (available with appliers for Lolas and Phat ass)

Aisling - Cour des Cauchemars Crown Black/silver
Aisling - Lady of Highgarden Bracers Black
Gizza - Spiky fur (shoulders)
May's Soul - Musa belt onix
May's Soul - Triomf Harness
PFC - Ottoman quiver -white
Soedara - Beaute Drapee
Enfant Terrible - Wayfarer's Sandals - black/silver


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