Corrugated Steel

A new RP sim opened recently, called Stormy Valley, which is the location and inspiration for these photos.  If you are into urban RP, you should come try it out.

Lately, I feel as though the amount of Role Play sims have been dwindling, and the number of players have as well.  I've always been active in role play sims on SL, and it's been a favorite form of entertainment for years before SL, so this is worrying to me.  If you are a role player, please make sure to support your choice of sim and be welcoming to new comers.  The recent excessive elitism from some Rpers, in my opinion, has contributed to this.  No one wants to play with an asshole.

Just my thoughts for the day.

Skin:  Glance Skins - Aina SKT05
Eyes:  S0NG - Mayday - Navy
Hair: Ploom - Recycle
Makeup: Lashes by Mon Cherie, Lipstick by Action, Eyeshadow by Chelle

Jewelry:  Maxi Gossamer - Karina Court
Top: Baiastice -Fasciato - ocean
Skirt: Aushk'a & Co. - Babydoll Mini (Still available for Lazy Sundays)
Shoes:  Hucci - Pinup Peep - moonglow


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