Fantasy Faire 2014

You have until May 11th to shop at this year's Fantasy Faire, which had some absolutely beautiful clothes and accessories this year.  And with so many vendors, no wonder my wallet was crying by the time I was done.  Below are 3 looks I've made with some of the offerings from the event, and I have several more to show you later too!

The outfit above uses the amazing headdress from Unzipped by Destany Laval, available at the Fantasy Faire's steampunk sim and includes the mesh collar, headdress and feather hair.  I really love the metal feathers rising out of the mask, and the collar is detailed and beautiful for all sorts of styles.

The Kirtle is another Relay for Life special from .Arcadia., and I added the Musa armor pieces from May's soul (chestplate, belt, pauldrons and gauntlets) to give it a more aggressive look.  The kirtle is the first thing I've bought from Lokii Violet's store, and while the textures are of a pleasing quality, I do wish that the alpha covered more of the butt.  Shoes and horn necklace are Enfant Terrible.

This dress is by Evie's Closet and is a special edition color for the RFL vendor at Fantasy Faire.  Finally, something that matches the Enfant Terrible Kokoshnik gatcha hate that's been sitting in my inventory for months!  I'm also wearing Tea.s' rose gold leaf necklace that's currently at We <3 Rp and Exile's new San Francisco hair that was available at The Season Story, and is probably in their shop now.

This more Gorean look uses the gown that Silk Worms has as a RFL item, and at only 50L, it's a steal! I also used the rose gold jewelry here, again with Tea.s necklace, ieQED's copper (close enough in tone) arrow paldrons, and The Plastik's Relay for Life special, the Lys Circlet in lily.  It comes with a metal change hud, and the stones are a nice opalish plum shade.  The Slink sandals shown are from Le Primitif, available now at the Chapter Four.  The bangles are from The Forge and are available at his store. And like any proper Gorean woman, I'm wearing a modesty shirt from Arwen's creations.

I hope that everyone will make an effort to pick up some of these amazing items from Fantasy Faire before it closes, and help support the American Cancer Society!


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