I'm a little late on buying it, but I wanted to make sure at least one skin maker I use would make the appliers first.  Fortunately, The Sugar Garden released their applier today for the mesh Wowmeh body. The updated body will fit Slink feet and hands -better- but still not perfectly at the ankles. Adjusting my shape to be a little bowlegged did help though, and it's decent for now.  The hands are very close, and again, with some messing around with your torso muscle will get a close match.  I used the xxs size, and my AV is already at a small, but I found that beefing up the arms and going down on the hand size worked best.  The only other gripe is the neck joint, but again, much more in-depth reviews had mentioned this, and I'm sure a fix will be created.  If you are creative with your accessories, you can cover it easily.

Secondly, Enchantment (among other events) has started, and I like the idea of going to various shops instead of a destination.  While not all the offerings were things that interested me personally, I did pick up a few things that I couldn't live without.  I'm slowly starting to accrue a lot of the pets that Mishmish offers, and snatched up Maleficent first.   

[All photos unedited on this post]

Skin: TSG Eun-Seo Vampy
Candy Mountain eyebrows, Soiree Light cheek contour
Eyes: TSG Galaxy - Deep blue
Hair:  Ploom - Isabel
Jewelry:  Glow Studios - Legend of Mana (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)
                 O.M.E.N. Ring of Passion - black
Nailpolish:  Mons -Spring Collection Galaxy (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)


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