Battle worn

I figured I'd make this a separate post, finishing up the showcase of the stuff I bought at We <3 RP, partially because I like how the photos turned out much better. 

This last outfit continues to use items from both RP events (<3 RP and The Countdown Room).  Ploom has released this super cute hair for RP.  I really love the new textures she's using, and the bangs are just right for my AV's face shape. 

Pixicat is a new-to-me designer that I've picked up a couple mesh items from recently.  The vest/shirt combo is really great, and I like that you can change the color of the shirt.  My only complaint is that the alpha does cover the bottom of the shirt, and there was a little bit of skin poking through. 

I rarely buy weapons in SL, because I never actually use them in RP, but I fell in love with this barn owl inspired shield from Stitched Gods.  The sword is a prop for a pose I bought at Fantasy Faire by !Musa!, and the lovely armor pieces are available at the Countdown Room from May's Soul.

Skin: Glance - Aina SKT05
Hair: Ploom - We <3 RP (@ We <3 RP)
Eyes: Ikon Lucid eyes - Grey-green

Shirt: Pixicat - Furvest (@ We <3 RP)
Pants: ColdLogic - Hill leggings - Cocoa
Armor: May's Soul - Desolation Armor Iron
Shoes: Enfant Terrible - Wayfarer's Sandals black
Shield: [SG] - Silver Aegis

Tattoo layers:  Corvus - Murder (tinted) & Soedara - Bruised Face


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