My beef with Gatchas

It's the end of the month, and most of the events have wound down, and I think everyone is getting excited for Arcade.  I made the decision a while ago to not purchase gatcha items aside from a few designers.  For one, I think there should be some standards in place, such as listing the odds of getting a rare (which some designers do) and make them fair.  I don't expect to play a machine 5 times and get an ultra rare, but when I've spent a couple thousand lindens, and have only gotten commons (which has happened, and is the reason I no longer play them) you can imagine the frustration. 

Also, and this is just my personal opinion, I don't think template mesh items should be sold in gatcha machines for the very obvious reason.  If it's a template, more than likely you can buy the same thing from a store. 

So in short, I believe gatcha designers should only have original items, and make a standard odds system that is displayed on the machines.  Until then, I'll purchase from designers that meet that qualification, or visit the yardsales for my stuff.

My outfit doesn't have anything to do with gatchas, but I have had it lingering in my inventory for a while, waiting for the finishing touches, which happened when The Forge produced these amazing steampunk bracers back at the Fantasy Faire event.


Skin: Essences - Thursday Ivoire
Hair: Taketomi - MeiLing
Eyes: Dead Apples - Striking Eye Spice
Tattoo Layers: Nuuna - Obe black                       
                        Corvus - Murder face tattoo
                        Essences - Endless night lipstick 16
Nose piercing: .random.Matter. - Havester
Earrings: Zaara - Tarika earrings
Shoulder fur: GizzA - Spiky Fur
Bracers: The Forge - Steamer Bracers
Hat: May's Soul - Mishima mask black
Necklace 1: May's Soul - Canibal necklace
Necklace 2:  Mandala - Tefutefu black
Collar: Drift - Chic leather collar (edited)
Back piece: May's Soul - Mishima mask black
Corset: [Etchaflesh] - Executioner Underbust corset
Skirt: The Plastik - Evangeline skirt Coffee
Top: *TwInS Fashion* - Cross Top black
Hip bag: Zenith - Black leather waist bag
Stockings: LDP - Oops! Ripped Stockings (w/Slink applier)
Shoes: Reign - Monarch Heels


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