I'm sorry there wasn't a post last week.  I've been really (really) stressed with a few things, including a cruise the husband and I are taking in April.  So while trying to make sure we have everything we need, buying him a cruise-worthy wardrobe and my job-I haven't had much time to log in.  However, I am still here and not entirely absent.  I've been working on my house still and wanted to share a couple shots of some of the areas that I've completed inside.

I usually don't keep a house up for longer than a month, because what's the fun in that?  However I really...really love my current home, and the more I add, the happier I am with it.  I DO miss having a bathroom to decorate though.  Perhaps home designers could consider adding a designated space for more of their homes?

Anyway, you'll probably see a lot of recent items, and I'll try to credit as much as I can.  The curtains were all tinted (use select face to tint one side), something I find handy to be able to do when decorating houses.  As always, if I don't credit something and you are curious, shoot me a comment or notecard in world.

 Sideboard: Pixel Mode
Table:  Apple Fall
Chairs:  Trompe Loeil
Rug:  Apple Fall
Sconces:  Apple Fall
Curtains:  Junk

Tray table:  Apple Fall
Boxes: Cheeky Pea
Pear: The Loft
Letters: Vespertine
Daffodil jug:  Apple Fall
Blue bottle/sand: HPMD
Mirror: The Loft

 Rugs: Junk  ,  Apple Fall
Couch: Revival
Chair:  zerkalo
Book pile:  ANC
Sideboard: Floorplan
Mirror: Kalopsia
Lamps:  Pilot
Floor lamp:  Trompe Loeil
Accent table/ skull: Apple Fall
Wall art:  Floorplan  , Junk
Bow: Kuro

Bed: Aria
Chair: The Loft

Mirror: Theosophy
Wall art: Apple Fall
Book shelf: Apple Fall
Side table: Second Spaces
Drawers: Apple Fall
Cushion stool: Digs/Di Opera


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