Can I just tell you that I am ready for it to stop snowing?  Or raining.  Or icy-rain.  Anyway, it's positively miserable in my part of the world, and I suppose all that rain had to influence me some how! ANC made this rain in my photo.  I'm not an expert on rain and lag and whatnot, but I thought it looked very nice and didn't experience any lag on my computer.  As you can see, it's not the same texture over and over, and falls at a nice speed.

We <3 RP opens today and brings a whole new round of amazing creations.  I am in love with this dress by Peqe and how it looks with your graphics turned up.  If you don't want all the shiny, just choose the no-materials version.  It also worked perfectly with my Maitreya body with zero tweaking!  Miamai made another cool headpiece that I had to show you.  The moon on the comb is great for any high priestess or anyone that likes ornate head pieces.  I can't get enough of the amazing work that comes out out this store!  Also, Tableau Vivant has 2 hair styles available at We <3 RP, this was my favorite of the two, with lots of pretty braids and a separate braid headband piece to add to other styles!


Skin:  Deetalez - Duska Nordic
Eyeliner: Nox -Graphic Liner 3&4 
Hair:  Tableau Vivant - Calliope (@ We <3 RP)
Dress:  Peqe - Mirel (@ We <3 RP)
Headpiece:   Miamai - Gajah Bulan comb (@ We <3 RP)
Rain by ANC available at  We <3 RP


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