He and She

This is the first post introducing my male avatar.  I've been derping around on him for a bit, and finally whipped him into semi-decent shape with the looks.  Men, I sympathize with you.  There so few good clothes for RP environments, but it is getting better!  The Men's Dept this month has a new Aeros skin which is shown here.  While Aeros are beautiful skins, a lot of guys wear them, and it becomes common place.  Hopefully as more are available, we won't see the same ones duplicated so often.  His -beard- is new from Spellbound, and I am in love with it.  I really like Spellbound hairs for the different styles she creates, and the wiry look of the beard looks very realistic while taking a different approach from the prim fuzz beards.

On Belite I have another Gorean outfit in some non-standard colors, for me at least.  I don't often wear brown, because I love colors, but I thought this earth and gold combination was very refreshing.  While there's not much new with her outfit, I find that there's always a few brands accessories that I can mix and match from different sets, The Forge being one of them.

The chair, ottoman and rug shown here is new from Fetch, and will be available next week for 25L Tuesday!


(On Belite)
Skin: Atomic - Heartstrings Creme (@ The Chapter Four)
Hair:  Lamb - Pandora (@ C88)
Dress: Melodic. - Octavia
Undershirt: Arwen's Creations - Lucrezia undershirt gold
Collar: The Forge - Eldar Collar, Bronze/Gold
Bib-necklace: The Forge - Chain Tunic Gold (rare)
Shoes: Ingenue - Zuri Flats Ivory
Veil: Bina - Marjanah veil

(On Abacination)
Skin: Aeros - Javier praline  (@ TMD)
Hair:  Taketomi - Takeshi
Beard: Spellbound - Monster beard
Kilt: Enigma - Battle kilt (@ Tales of Fantasy)
Boots: JD - Aragon boots

Fetch - Vix Set  (For 25L Tuesday)


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