Baratheon Babe

Ah, the colors of the Baratheons.  No, I'm not playing one, but I couldn't resist picking up this armor from We <3 RP this month, which should be in every Baratheon's inventory.  Enfant Terrible's meshwork and attention to detail is absolutely amazing.  The dress, also available at We <3 RP is actually the first product in a collaboration between + Occult + and  - The Fallen -.  The thing I absolutely -love- about this dress is that you can select face and it's color change.  I bought the bronze and white, but as you can see, it's bronze and whatever-color-I-want-it-to-be now.  Absolutely awesome bang for your lindens there. 


Skin:  Atomic - Heartstrings Creme
Hair Lamb - Asteria (@ C88)
Dress: + Occult +  &  - The Fallen -  Caelestis Bronze and white (modded)  (@ We <3 RP)
System shirt:  Arwen's Creations - Lucrezia undershirt songbird yellow
Armor:  Enfant Terrible - Caelens Armor (@ We <3 RP)
Bracelets:  The Forge - Studded bangle black
Veil: Bina - Zaya veil

Horse: Apple Fall


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