It's the first of the month, and this month is going to be very busy, The Arcade has opened, and I'm already doomed with my lindens before I've stepped foot in the door.  We <3 RP will also be opening it's doors in a few days for the September round.  I've already started seeing autumnal items being produced, which is exciting for me, as fall is my favorite time of year.  So yes, lots of great things happening, and I can't wait to go shop.

But before I do, I want to give you guys a little peek at a couple items that will be coming out for We <3 RP.  The Aegis Victory shield is a retextureable GM friendly shield that'll allow all you fighters out there to block melee attacks.  Best part in my eyes is being able to customize it, great for groups or just to be unique.  I'm also wearing PFC's Blood Crown, which doesn't sound evil at all!  You can toggle the blood drips on or off, and the crown itself has plenty of color options to keep you happy.  Very cool, and a great item for various groups of roleplayers. 

I'm also sporting the new scales made by Aisling that are available at Enchantment, and an older release that I just love, the rusted Iron maiden shoulders and collar.


Skin applier: Laura Hurley - Iza (New!)
Lelutka Lipstick by The Skinnery
Eyes: Buzzeri - Ardent Eyes Demon
Hair (shoddy PS edits by yours truly) : Exile - Royal Command
Crown:  PFC - Blood crown  (SOON @ We <3 RP)
Banner: Aegis - Victory Shield (SOON @ We <3 RP)
Collar/Shoulders: Aisling - Iron Maiden Iron rust
Scales: Aisling - Scales bra (@ Enchantment)


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