Happy Labor Day weekend for all of you who celebrate it!  Today I bit the bullet and made the switch from Gimp to Photoshop.  I've struggled with Gimp since I've started, and while I've learned some things, most of it is just trial and error.  I hope that with upgrading to Photoshop not only will I be able to learn more, but that my image quality will increase.  So please bear with me as I learn, and don't be afraid to give me some constructive criticism.

Anyway, I am still opening and unpacking boxes of stuff, and saw these gorgeous wings by Swagga.  I recently bought the Kemono body and M3 head, and liked how the combo looked together.  I also really liked Doe's hair for this round, the hair entwining the horns was a really cool idea, and at least for me, I gravitate to unique hairs over something long and straight.  I was also able to fit Aisling's collar and top to the Kemono body, which I personally don't really  recommend, since it's not made for that body (meaning that it's not perfect), but I liked using it for this photo.


Body:  Utilizator - Kemono (with Rei's Stuff chest and Hella Hips add-ons)
Head: Utilizator - M3 Venus Anime head
Skin applier: Feoh - Random Drizzle
Eyes: Pomf - M3 Swirly Eyes
Hair: Doe - Deer Me (@ We <3 RP)
Horn:  Aii - Ixion's Horn Thunder
Collar/top: Aisling - BBB silver (@ We <3 RP)
Wings:  Swagga - But I'm a Fairy wing 2 (@ We <3 RP)


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