I am so excited for this month's We <3 RP, which starts tomorrow!  I have one more preview to show you before it opens.

I really liked the outfit that I'm wearing by Moon Elixer.  The Vampy Corset bodysuit actually comes in 4 separate pieces (5 if you count the collar) so you can mix and match pieces to your heart's desire, and while it didn't have a mesh body option, I was easily able to fit it to mine with minimal adjustments.  I'm also sporting Charm's (That's the new brand name for Keystone) Priss jewelry set and the Imogen belly chain.  I am so happy to see a nice, easily resizeable belly chain out there, and the quality is superb.  I also am wearing White Widow's new tattoo that will be released for We <3 RP.  I'me usually not much of a tattoo type of gal on SL, but I've never been disappointed by the clarity and quality I get from this brand.  The appliers always look great, and there's no unsightly seams.

ALSO, I wanted to mention that Ironwood Hills is where I took my photo, they have a photo contest running and I really liked the concept and build, so if you are looking for a spot to take photos, I really suggest paying them a visit.


Skin applier: Laura Hurley - Iza (Lipstick applier included)
Eyes: Buzzeri -Duo eyes Princess
Hair: Damselfly - Aria
Jewelry: Charm - Priss silver  (SOON @ We <3 RP)
Bellychain: Charm - Imogen belly chain silver  (SOON @ We <3 RP)
Outfit: Moon Elixer - Vampy Bodysuit  (SOON @ We <3 RP)
Tattoo: White Widow - Altar (SOON @ We <3 RP)


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