I've been working on a new house and wanted to show you guys a couple outside shots while I finish up tweaking the inside.  I love, love, LOVE anything Apple Fall (as you might have noticed) and could not resist the Hardwick Manor house at this month's Fameshed (hurry up and get there before it closes, there's a free picture and some other freebies at the AF store).

I also finally picked up the newer Scots pine pack from Skye studio.  These are lower prim, like the enchanted woods, work the same way with seasons and look fantastic.  I did use some of the Heart Giant Pine forest along the edges of my build to give some variation, but unfortunately those tend to eat up too many prims, even though they are really really pretty too.

I guess you could say that I couldn't wait for fall, but I think the whole effect makes me think of a long abandoned home that's been rediscovered out in the middle of the forest.  I can't wait to show you the interiors, which are a mix of traditional and modern elements.


House:  Apple Fall - Hardwick Manor (@ Fameshed)
Trees:  Studio Skye
Owl: Half Deer
Cart: Oyasumi
Landscaping: Heart, alirium, cargo, A.D.D. Andel


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