So, the last few days have been busy for me.  I had to move my home due to a lot of lag spikes in the sim where my old house way.  Super frustrating, and it made photos nearly impossibly to take.  So, I am very happy in my new place, and have a reason to decorate. 

That being said, the House Hunt has just started.  I normally don't look at hunt gifts very often, but I had received a few notifications that some of my favorite furniture and interior makers were on the list, so I had to do it, plus, the hunt items only cost 20L and were well worth it.  Some of my favorites include 22769, Cheeky Pea, Alouette, Dysfunctional Designs, and Organica, but there is a lot of other really good items as well! 

So today I just have a few shots of some of the hunt items in my new house.  If you are interested in knowing about any of the decor items pictured that I haven't noted, drop me an IM and I'll let you know.

Photo 1:
  Hunt item Chair by 22769
Photo 2:
  Hunt item Waterfall by Organica
  Hunt item Turtle Beanbag by Dysfunctional Designs
  Pond by Studio Skye
Photo 3:
  Hunt Item Botanicals Console Table by Cheeky Pea
  Hunt Item  Beanbag by Llorisen
  Hunt item Worn Wooden Armoire by Alouette


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