I am back!  With a considerably updated PC, minus all the technical issues.  I'm still in the process of playing catch-up, but I wanted to share a look that I've been assembling using items from this month's We Love RolePlay event. 

First off, this round of We <3 RP is really amazing.  There's been so many items that I've loved, and so many that are much needed (I'll get to those on my next post).  I really like the Fallen God's skins this month, and am so happy that they come with a wide assortment of appliers, as that is very important to me, and I think most people these days on SL.  I also liked the subtle tattoo design which I couldn't see any seams on.  I'm not very good with picking out tattoos, so this honestly saved me the effort and trouble, haha!

I also really liked the horns that Trap made for W<3RP.  They remind me of something I might see on an anime demoness, but the texturing and mesh work make it look more realistic, not cartoonish. Una has a great silk outfit available, and I used the top and bracelets for my look.  I love when things are easily resizable, which this and the pretty blue silks from Axix both are.

Axix's silks are available at this round of Fantasy collective, which also had some great items.  Both Kibitz and Noodles have become staple brands for buying chain and metal jewelry from, and the items from this round fit perfectly on my maitreya body.  I love it when things come together easily.


Skin: Fallen Gods - Legacy of Maul Eclipse (@ We <3 RP)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Rileigh hair (@ We <3 RP)
Nails: Bliensen & Maitai - Rawr claws (Modded for maitreya hands)
Nail polish: Nailed it - Ombre set
Arm bands: Kibitz - Chara single bangle (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Bracelets and bustier:  Una - Irelia silver (@ We <3 RP)
Silks: Axix - Hari Blue (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Thigh harness: Noodles - Esme Thigh Chain silver (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Chest harness: Kibitz - Simplicity body chain silver (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Horns: Trap - Scythe Horns Sky (@ We <3 RP)
Orb/poses: CheekyPea & !Bang - Mage Orb


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