I've known that this has been coming for some time.  Sadly, or perhaps not-so-sadly I am leaving SL.  I recently received a promotion at work, and I have some other issues that have been robbing me of any time to commit to blogging and SL in general.  So I think that it's time for me to say goodbye.  Perhaps in a few months, when life slows down I will be back, but who knows?  I might like having the extra money to spend. (lol)

I want to thank the designers that have given me the honour of blogging their products, the events that I've blogged for and all of the help I've had along the way.

Now, onto the last post.

I had just built this little space a couple weeks ago, and liked how it turned out.  Light is vastly underrated in sunny SL environments, so I made a space meant to be seen in the dark.  I love all of the gorgeous asian furniture that's been produced lately, and I really hope that trend continues, although I've spend far far too much on gatchas that don't give rares.  Rare percentage needs to be standardized.  I've played some  machines for 30+ times without getting a rare-for me, that discourages me from playing any of a designer's other gatchas, since I can buy the rare from a yard sale for cheaper.  Just putting that out there.

I also wanted to talk a moment about details. (Since this is my last post for an indefinite time, I apparently have a lot to say)  In my second photo, which is mostly unedited, I wanted to show you guys the gorgeous detailing of my dress.  I love crisp textures and I personally feel that if a product is quality with it's mesh and textures, I don't mind paying the higher price for it.  Enfant Terrible is well known for producing beautiful items, as is IEQED, who made these rings shown.  Siggy also puts a lot of effort into making fitting jewelry as hassle free as possible with sizing her items for multiple makers hands.  Even the furniture behind me has beautiful textures, especially The Loft mirror, which is easily one of my favorite mirrors in my inventory.  I like to think that everything I buy is a quality product.  There was a time that I might have went for cheaper items, but it's really not worth it.  I rather buy things that will hold their value and beauty. 

There will be a lot of things I miss about SL.  It's the only 'game' I've stuck with, joining back in it's infancy.  Watching it develop has been a lot of fun.  It feels like just now things have really stepped up and more than ever, you have the ability to create some amazing scenes and avatars.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll be back in a year.  Until then, thanks for reading my blog.

From left to right: Keke, Sorgo, Remarkable Oblivion, Floorplan, Trompe Loiel, anc, Zerkalo, Libertine, Nomad, Glam Affair, Junk, Storax tree, Trompe Loiel, 8f8

From left to right:  anc, The loft, Omen, Keke, Apple Fall, 8f8, Junk, Seven Emporium, Pixel Mode, Zerkalo,


Skin: Deetalez - Cinnia  Brows 2 Celtic
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Namiriel (@ We <3 RP)
Dress:  Enfant Terrible - Kia Dress Cyan (@ The Chapter Four)
Shoes: Livalle - Eliza Wedges Caribbean
Hairband: Enfant Terrible - Kia headpiece Sand (@ The Chapter Four)
Collar: Keystone - Double Chain collar  (@ We <3 RP)
Rings: ieQED - Irina ring set (@ Shiny Shabby)
Body: Maitreya


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