Waiting in the Garden

In my attempt to both learn how to take better SL photos, and to blog more, I know that my ramblings might slowly cease, which is fine.  I don't always have something important to talk about because my experience on SL doesn't revolve around who I know, or what drama is happening where.  I gave Ravella a 'evil queen' look today, because I picked up this hair at the Ploom sale recently and am in love with it.  Of course, she's not all bad, and the dreamy garden helps give her a phantasmal air.


Skin: Pink Fuel - Sora- Alabaster
Hair: Ploom - Aries
Eyes: I.D. February gift

Dress: Peqe - Riding Hood Gown (last Enchantment)
Armor: May's Soul - Muse armor (@ Countdown Room)
Necklace: Ison - Nova Tribe
Earrings: Swallow - Groupie


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