Happy early Halloween everyone!  This past month has had some really great home products that made decorating my SL house a lot of fun (and much cheaper than decorating my RL house)!  I want to show you a few pictures of my favorite items from the past month's events, many of which are still going on.  Enjoy!

 This haunted town silhouette is made by Artisian Fantasy and is part of the TAG gatcha. The table is a common from Gizza's Halloween Decor gatcha, also part of the TAG Gatcha.  I picked up the Pixel Mode vase with twigs at Shiny Shabby and found that cute DRD pumpkin candle holder at the Flea Market.

Corgis are cute, second only to Dachshunds and Pugs-I adopted this Demon Corgi from Sweet Thing, and yes, that decapitated arm can be yours from Deadwool's Halloween gatcha machine. Both are part of the TAG Gatcha event.

 If you are thirsty, you should check out these Rare Blood Goblets from Gizza.  The Regret Nothing heart is made by Nefarious Inventions as part of their gatcha for TAG.

 Cheeky Pea made a lot of really gorgeous decor, I picked up this bench at last month's Uber (I believe) so you can probably find it in their store now.  The art work on the walls and the ghost in the corner is also from Cheeky Pea.  I won my skeleton fish bowl from Jian, and the amazing skull is by Gizza, both part of the TAG gatcha.

That lovely console is made by The Hive, and was part of Romp earlier this month.  If you didn't pick it up then, try looking for it at their store! Soy made the web window frames (Pick it up at C88), Commoner made my punk rock spiked pumpkin (At The Men's Dept).  You'll recognize the headless animal mannequin from an older ANC gatcha, and Cheeky Pea came through again with freebie pumpkins and a step ladder shelf that I picked up somewhere along the way.  Half Deer made those skeleton fish!

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  1. I love SL so much this time of year... thank you for sharing these items, you decorate beautifully!


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